The Moonlight Box


During this Mid-Autumn Festival, we bring you a captivating gift - "The Moonlight Box" Mid-Autumn Gift Box. Inspired by the concept of "moonlight and lanterns," this gift box is not only guided by an eco-friendly philosophy but also crafted with wood fiber boards as the main material. 

Additionally, we provide complimentary lighting components for you and your partner to assemble together, illuminating the lantern, savouring pastries, and creating a romantic atmosphere.

Moonlight Box is more than just a traditional mooncake box; its unique design and interactive experience will add more joy to your Mid-Autumn celebration. The warmth and creativity of the three-dimensional wooden lantern will allow you and your partner to enhance the relationship and intimacy.

The original price of The Moonlight Box is RM198, and we are offering an exclusive 10% discount for early bird customers, limited to 30 sets.

Take immediate action, click the link, and order your Moonlight Box now!

What’s in the Moonlight Box?

  • Cheese & Egg Yolk Mooncake × 1 50g
  • Osmanthus Longjing Tea Mooncake × 1 50g
  • Lotus Seed Paste & Egg Yolk Mooncake × 2 50g x 2
  • Creamy Red Bean Paste & Egg Yolk Mooncake × 1 50g 
  • Taro Cheese & Egg Yolk Mooncake × 1 50g 
  • Wood Fiber Board Outer Box × 1
  • Light Bulb × 1

**All orders will begin to ship at the end of August.
Please note that during transportation, there may be minor collisions resulting in slight imperfections in the mooncakes.
All images shown are for illustration purposes only. Each handmade product is unique and will appear slightly different from the other.

If have any special requests, do drop us a message or email at, or WhatsApp us at +60149328870

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