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About Us

Balance Tree  

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Welcome to Balance Tree! We're a full-service artisan gifting business specializing in gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life's special occasions.

Balance Tree first started specializing in all-natural making health and beauty products by hand, artistically made through cold-pressed process, a time-tested technique practiced since ancient times.

What began as soap-making has gradually expanded into corporate events and client appreciation gifting - the need for expertly curated, flawlessly executed, all-areas of life gifting, both personal and professional.

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We believe in the best gifts of all are the memories we make with the people we love. We value sentiment from the bow that ties and seals thoughtfulness as much as you do. From start to finish, our clients are completely stress-free knowing their gifting is not merely beautiful, but also safely off their shoulders and onto ours.

"Our mission is to give you, the gift giver, the same amazing experience as the one receiving the gift."

Our Team 


Grace first started working as an accountant, a 9 to 5 job after graduation. She felt she could gain more than just a normal working life, so she took a less taken path and ventured into the fashion industry to pursue modelling ambition. She walked and photographed in numerous ASEAN countries, but her biggest breakthrough was New York Fashion Week in 2016. The journey of being a model planted a seed in her and made her an entrepreneur today. Taking care of the appearance was undoubtedly the priority for Grace and dry skin had always been a struggle as a model. She then dipped her hands into soap-making for her own use and cultivated the perfect combinations that suited her skin.

Grace's mother was diagnosed with Eczema that caused her to have sleeping difficulty due to sensitive skin. She then channeled all her effort into studying herbs and natural ingredients to customize the right soap for her mother - soon after a few months her mother's skin problem was relieved, thanks to her restless experiments. With these success stories, Balance Tree was founded in 2018 in the hope to share her techniques and cultivation.


Ethan Loh has helped various startup brands and companies' businesses. From a Visual Merchandiser who plays with objects to working with a handful of notable and esteemed fashion photographers to visualize from one lens to another. He joined Balance Tree as the brand's "makeup artist", who revamps the brand, marketer and social media content.

Equipped with fashion designing, styling, photography, videography, artistic direction and content creation. he works hand in hand with Grace in all aspects of the business and her modelling contents. He also co-founded the Balance Tree Studio, a creative space that houses all his past creative works to cater services - photography, visual styling, gifting and production.